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Experience  is the  Key  to  Successful Litigation...

     For over thirty years Robert I. Long has actively engaged in civil litigation in all of its various forms, in both  Federal and State courts.  An experienced litigator like Mr. Long knows the course to plot to take your case to conclusion, efficiently and effectively. 
     Being familiar with the civil procedures means getting all the supporting facts and evidence for your case in proper form and securing the witnesses, including experts who will maximize the award in your favor or the success of your defense.

  • Robert I. Long has tried cases to verdict decided by judges and juries, and over the years has secured many millions of dollars in verdicts for his clients.
  • Insurance does not provide an attorney for contract disputes, or when the association is the party commencing the suit (the plaintiff). If you are being sued and your insurance company denies coverage or does not provide an attorney to represent you, the Law Office of Robert I. Long stands ready to defend your rights in the action, and to pursue your own claims if a cross-complaint is indicated.



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